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I wonder.

What is really going on underneath all of this distraction? Oh look, a squirrel.

Trump is removing a % of funding from education.

Trump is dismantling healthcare.

Trump is reducing funding for pubic (unbiased) Tv and Radio network

Trump and his troupe is reversing investigations into rape and sexual harassment on colleges.

Trump increased the budget for the military.

It appears to me that he wants to keep you poor, unhealthy and stupid so you will believe anything he and his troupe want to tell you.

Q. Why are you a waring nation? No one is attacking you, so why are you so aggressive in deploying your military? You cannot save the world.

Q. Who exactly are your enemies?

I think your biggest enemies are the lobbying and corruption that go on at all your government levels, and electing people who are only interested in the money they can make from the companies they serve.

Q. Who benefits from your massive War Machine? Really.

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