You Can Have Single-Payer When You Pry It From The Oligarchy’s Cold, Dead Hands
Caitlin Johnstone

I’m in Canada. We’re not perfect, but were trying.

The only one standing in your way to a more fair future is you.

Who elects the government members? You.

Who can elect people who will do the right thing by the people. You.

Who can ensure that the elected government has no ties to the rich companies? You.

Why don’t you have Universal Healthcare like the rest of the world? You.

Why do you have such a large military and why do you meddle in the affairs of other countries? You.

Why isn’t, say, two-thirds of that budget diverted to healthcare and education? You.

Enough about you. I think you get the picture.

America’s rich? Why does China own over 30% on you national debt?

Over 56% of bankruptcies in America are healthcare related.

Some people, in the USA, die because they can’t afford healthcare. NOBODY, in Canada, dies because they don’t have a health card. NOBODY. This is what universal healthcare is all about. Caring about and caring for everyone to ensue they can get the medical attention they need. My wife is a cancer survivor, had both her knees replaced and just had her eye repaired. Our out of pocket cost? ZERO. We all pay a small annual amount when we complete our tax returns; I mean small.

So, how are you going to have the government you want? Elect it! No industrial, religious and market ties.

So, the question is: Are you going to stop whining about your problems and actually do something about them? The only one in your way is you.

Canadians build bridges; not walls.



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