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You are all wrong. The planet has been around for 2.5 Billion years and has been evolving ever since. Certainly the generation of GHGs is a challenge and Co2 is not pretty, but plant more trees, stop using pesticides and help the earth correct itself.

Trees convert Co2 into water and breathable air. Fact. So if we stop cutting down the forests for houses and other stuff and install solar panels on every roof in the world, they we can combat GHG generation.

Will we do any of this? Of course not…..we’re assholes and only interested in ourselves and money. If we all really cared then there wouldn’t be any wars and refugees. Do we, as a society, care about any of this. Of course not…we’re all assholes and only see through that opening.

Time is relevant/relative to our own existence, and in another 2.5 Billion years this planet’s life will not exist. To this, live for today, screw science and indulge ourselves in the AI that exists in Washington and other government bases around the planet.

Have fun. B.

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