SparkyTestHelpers: ASP.NET MVC ViewComponents and Async

Brian Schroer
Apr 2, 2018 · 2 min read

part of the “SparkyTestHelpers” suite of .NET unit testing tools

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NuGet package | Source code — .NET Framework version

NuGet package | Source code — .NET Core version

In addition to Razor Pages, unit test helpers for which I blogged about a few days ago, The .NET Core framework for ASP.NET MVC has another nice new tool, ViewComponents, a powerful alternative to partial views.

The ViewComponent test helper classes have a lot of similarities with their Controller and Razor PageModel counterparts:

  • .Invocation(synchronous Invoke method expression)
  • .Invocation(async InvokeAsync method expression)
  • .ExpectingViewName(string expectedViewName) — used with .TestView
  • .ExpectingModel<TModelType>(Action<TModelType> validate) — used with .TestView
  • .TestContent(Action<ContentViewComponentResult> validate)
  • .TestHtmlContent(Action<HtmlContentViewComponentResult> validate)
  • .TestView(Action<ViewViewComponentResult> validate)
  • .TestResult<TViewComponentResultType>(Action<TViewComponentResultType> validate)
  • WhenModelStateIsValidEquals(bool isValid) — used to test conditional logic based on ModelState.IsValid

All validate “callback” actions shown above are optional.

using SparkyTestHelpers.AspNetMvc
. . .
new ViewComponentTester<FooViewComponent>()
.Invocation(x => x.Invoke)
.ExpectingModel(model => Assert.IsTrue(model.Baz))
new ViewComponentTester<FooViewComponent>()
.Invocation(x => x.Invoke)
new ViewComponentTester<BarViewComponent>()
.Invocation(x => x.InvokeAsnyc)

Asynchronous ViewComponent Invoke methods are encouraged, and writing the test helpers to support async methods made me realize that I should do the same for my ControllerTester and PageModelTester classes, so the NuGet packages have been updated to make that syntax easier.

Happy Testing!

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