My religion is Yoga

Yoga has become my sanctuary in so many ways. The words of advice, encouragement, and guidance the teachers provide in class touch my heart and more often then not answer a question or address a struggle I have outside class. A sanctuary is a peaceful safe place — one that provides revitalization and strength. Yoga is my sanctuary, the teachers are my gurus.

The music plays a key role. Thanks to Spotify, I am able to follow many of my favorite yogis and add my favorite songs to my own playlists. If you listen to spotify, you see a current list of playlists for yoga at and clicking on the ‘Following’ tab. Here are direct links to many of their playlists:

1. Trevor Dieterle
2. Kelley Treiber
3. Jennifer Lovas
4. Liz Crosby
5. Steph Young
6. Monica Cooper
7. Jeff Porter
8. Jennifer Patterson
9. Jesselle Pena
10. Carrie Martello

This also happens to be a list of people who matter so much to me! Because they give so much to me. Then there’s this playlist: — It's 334 songs — 24 hours of yoga music!

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