It is a shame you couldn’t have just written a post just based on facts, less the insults — such as…
Scott Kortright

Team Obama got justly hammered for telling a few whoppers in an otherwise honest sales pitch for the ACA. I agree major reforms should be bipartisan, but it seems odd to knock Obama for failing to win GOP support when Republican leaders had sealed a blood pact to oppose him at every turn. At least he tried.

Trump and Ryan, by contrast, made zero effort to win bipartisan support for the AHCA, but Trump still had the gall to blame Democrats when he & Ryan failed to unite Republicans in Congress behind a bad bill.

I’d like to see Democrats & moderate Republicans work out reforms to improve ACA, but I don’t think it will happen. In these polarized times, too many equate compromise with betrayal. GOP moderates rightly fear conservative primary challenges, and Democrats see more short-term political gain in opposition and gridlock.

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