Trump Declared Pharma the Big Bad Wolf of Obamacare!

Today, Donald Trump declared war on Big Pharma. They are officially the Big Bad Wolf of Obamacare. He made this declaration during his press conference on 1/11/17, in the midst of the JP Morgan Healthcare conference.

Quote from above article

Pharmaceutical companies are “getting away with murder,” President-elect Donald Trump said during his Wednesday press conference — and the sector didn’t get away unscathed.

The Twitterverse at the JP Morgan Conference reacted almost immediately to the quotes by Donald Trump. Below is a quote by Meg Tirrell, referencing the immediate drop in stocks

There was more worry at the JP Morgan Healthcare conference as the Nasdaq Biotech Index tanked on the PEOTUS Press Conference News:

Forbes Biotech Beat reporter Matthew Herper sent an ominous tweet to the Pharma Industry as well:

Interestingly, the Abbvie CEO vowed to keep drug price increases “below 10%” while PEOTUS Trump was delivering his remarks about Pharma. Is this enough for Trump? Do ya think the Abbvie CEO was caught off guard?

Trump also called pharma “Disastrous”!

Even Democratic Operative James Carville sent a note of warning to Big Pharma:

Smaller Biotechs really got crushed on the Trump News:

Perhaps Wall Street Journal reporter Peter Loftus had the Tweet of the day:

I think Trump made his message loud and clear, and Big Pharma, and Wall Street are now paying close attention: