Libertarians, it is Time to Change Our Tone

Taxation is theft. Statists gonna state. MY rights. MY taxes. MY guns. MUH ROADZ. The Guv’mint.

What exactly is our message, again? Isn’t it supposed to be one of individual freedom and liberty? It sure doesn’t seem like it when you read pro-Libertarian social media posts. Our movement comes off greedy, offensive, and unwelcoming. We sound like a pile of toddlers grasping hold of our pocket constitutions and yelling “NO! MINE!”

Who wants to join that party?

If we want to expand our party, and in doing so, becoming an actual player on the governmental level, we need to start acting our age. We need to mature our language just a bit. We need to start acting like a political party.

So what does that mean? That means we need to finely tune our message. It needs to be both welcoming and hopeful. It needs to paint a picture of a better tomorrow that only Libertarians can produce.

When we talk about current events and bills in the legislature, we need to describe how our way is better than theirs. They need to see how individual choice and the ability to make political decisions on the household level is more beneficial because they see the results as they happen.

As Libertarians, we have faith in the power of humanity. We believe in the power of local charity, of community, and of the human spirit. We believe that without an overlord of a giant entity to do everything for everyone, the community will come together and help one another. We believe that justice is best served local because there is no one-size-fits-all solution for everyone. We accept that California sees things differently from New Hampshire, and would want to live differently because of it.

We believe in the power of the individual. Nobody knows what’s best for you, but you. No elected official is going to have the perfect plan that is going to solve all of your problems. How could they? They’ve never even met you. We believe that the greatest motivator in the world is the ability to work hard, make good decisions, and become wealthy on your own merit.

We believe that the free market is the engine that runs the American Dream, that necessity is the spark that creates invention, and innovation is the oxygen that fuels growth in our economy. We believe the ability to make business decisions that best suit your market, your customers, and your employees is best made in the conference room, and not in Congress.

Most of all, we believe that our civil rights and liberties are inherited upon birth, given to us from a higher power, and nothing can take those rights away from us. We believe elections should be open and available to everyone, both on the ballot and in the voting booth.

We believe that legislators are our civil servants, and employed at our will, able to be removed from office if they betray the trust of those who put them there.

This is the message that needs to be our gospel, instead of preaching to the choir. A message of hope and self determination, pride in one’s country and in ourselves. A message that returns the power to the people, and motivates them to take action in their neighborhoods, that motivates them to take their lives back.

So, fellow Libertarians, I beg of you, please change your tone. If you speak forcefully, do so in a way that is motivational. No, you will not change the minds of everyone, but whoever reads what you write, or overhears what you say might be moved to action after the conversation is over.

This is how we grow the party, with a message of hope. This is how we differentiate from the red doom party and the blue doom party. This is how we succeed.