5 Ways You Can Kick Depression Fast

A growing issue in the Western World, especially the USA, is depression among its citizens. Today, over 40 million are diagnosed in America, and many remain un-diagnosed. I myself have faced these issues personally and realize it will be a never ending battle. However if you implement these 5 steps, your episodes will reduce in number and duration, which can reduce or eliminate the need for pharmaceuticals.

  1. Respect Your Food Source

So many today choose to ignore or seem to forget the source of our food. Factory farming has become a major issue due to the demand of meat in our diet. Over 10 Billion animals are killed annually to meet that demand. The switch is easy to do, because of a 2012 study by John Hopkins that showed mood, energy, and emotional well being were greatly improved over a two week period for those on a vegetarian diet, vs those who included fish, or all meat. My solution to this, because I honestly do love the taste of the occasional steak. The only meat I consume is that of which I have hunted myself. Otherwise I restrict myself to karma free sources of my Macros.

2. Include Yoga in Your Schedule 3 Days a Week

Yoga, despite contrary belief is much more than just “Stretching”. It is a mindfulness practice, that incorporates movement. I personally recommend this to anyone who struggles to focus during a conventional meditation practice. The combination of pose, heat, and breath is a unmatched combination that reaps amazing benefit. I personally practice daily. I believe great results can come from a few sessions a week. The practices of yoga and mindfulness meditation both have shown through MRI scans to increase and protect the grey matter of the brain. This part of the brain is responsible for both positive emotion, and relaxation. This is why Yogis have the typical “Zen” about them, however this is not just a front. It has actual scientific explanations, and is exactly why you should begin to rewire your brain today!

3. Read at Least 15 minutes a Day

This recommendation is on of absolute minimalism. My personal practice is at least an hour a day, often of three different pieces. Reading allows you to gain new insight, and create new neuro-pathways. You learn through experience, however our mind cannot discern between the experiences in literal life and that which is on the page. Learning through that experience of others is a great way to speed up your personal development. Books on Spirituality specifically have helped with my depression. Forming a deeper rationalization of the world around me, and finding my own purpose within it! One method I used to institute reading daily was to have three books. A practical self-help book, A Classic, and a biography. Then what I would do is read that self-help book the first 15 minutes of being awake, before anything else. This is in hope to spark a form of inspiration, and give a practical tip for the day. The classic, really of any genre, is then read during your lunch. I personally prefer classic poetry, like Rumi. This is used as a quick escapism from your day. A moment of recharge when you have been racing at 100% all morning. Then finally before bed you read a biography of someone of interest to you. This then shows you the story of their rise, and instills those thoughts in your mind before sleep. Often the book can also help put you to sleep. Before you know it, you have read nearly an hour more than you did the day previous. This was accomplished without putting any strain on your regular routine.

4. Write A Journal

My personal journal is not one of the “Dear Diary” variety. If that is what works for you, go ahead! Any form of a journal is positive, because it helps you work through personal dilemmas that can often be difficult to solve. I will describe the form of journalism I personally use, and that has helped me greatly.

Our days are filled with consuming mass media, advertisements, and conversations rooted in fear and scarcity. The world is ending, we need this new car, and everyone is against me. These interactions effect our minds if we recognize it or not. How I like to begin my journal is at the top of the page make a few bullet list of Affirmations. Things I believe, and would like to believe. The most powerful statement to our mind is that of “I Am”. When you make these statements, over time you begin to act in accordance to these statements throughout your life. “I Am Loved, I Am Abundant, I Am Successful.” statements that truly resonate with your core. I then follow that with Goals I would like to accomplish within the first 8 hours of the day. This is anything from organizing my desk, eating a healthy meal, or shooting and editing a video. The day is what you make it, and if you accomplish a lot of goals, you will feel accomplished. Design your day ahead of time so you do not become distracted. Finally I will list 2–3 quotes I found powerful. These come from my readings, conversation, or things I tell myself. This then just provides a collection of impact statements I can look at whenever I get into a slump.

5. Create, Don’t Consume

I often find myself getting cought in traps of endlessly scrolling through social media. I then think, about how I could have better spent that time after the fact. We all have unique perspectives on every topic under the sun, and we should share that expertise with the world. If we only compare our lives with others on a different path than our own. No Duh we will often become depressed. However if you use your free time to share your expertise, and simply live your life. You will find yourself looking back asking why you did not do this sooner!

Everyone you have met in your life, has had moments where they hit rock bottom, EVERYONE. The sooner we begin to open up about our personal experience the sooner this issue begins to resolve itself. These are five things that have radically reduced the depression I have personally faced, and have propelled my life into a new realm of possibility. Try it, I dare you. For one week implement these 5 steps, and personally message me your results! I would like to hear your experiences, and also what has helped you kick your depression.

Blessings and Abundance to All