How do we respond to threats after our endorsement? This is how
Mi-Ai Parrish

I am writing from Canada. I find this very disturbing; that someone would threaten another simply because they have differing opinions or beliefs.

Will you please explain the Republican Dogma and the Democratic Dogma so I can better understand how hatred and stupidity can fester to a point of threat of violence. We too have “party faithful” who cannot see the value of the opposition’s position. They are blinded by their faith.

Why not just remove the labels attached to these two people and vote for the person you feel would do what you, the collective, want. You’re mistaken if you believe that this election is about Hillary and Donald. It is not! It is about you, as a United nation.

“I will kill you if you don’t believe as I do or think as I do.” Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Mussolini and current leaders in the Middle East say this. Some Americans are saying this, and doing this. What makes them so different from other Dictators? If these people were in charge, would the USA become a hated dictatorship who kills its citizens for having different beliefs? And they are supposed “Conservatives.”

The rest of the world is watching all of this and reading about the blindness, hatred and (frankly) stupidity of some Americans. You have to realize that the US is not the only country on this planet.

“We are a Conservative Republic.” And as such expect its citizens to vote for a Republican because it is what we do. What about freedom of speech? What about individual thought and belief?. What about living in Arizona and not being a Republican? Is Arizona a dictatorship? It looks like this to me.

You guys are about to vote for The President of The United States. The key word here is “United.” Not for you, but for the rest of the world. You need to get your act together and vote for the future of the United States. B.

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