Great summary of Facebook approval issues.
Imrat Jn

Great question Imrat and kudos on staying current with changes to the environment that are relevant to your advertising. For reference:

Safari’s market share among mobile browsers has been slipping to Chrome, which has 33.5% share compared to Safari’s 18.4%. (via MarketingLand)

18.4% of mobile traffic. Took a quick look and traffic to Ghost Influence over the last 30 days is ~40% mobile. This means that the Apple’s new anti-tracking system will impact ~7% of our overall traffic. Now, iOS users statistically comprise of those who are bigger spenders that are faster to make online purchases so it’s worth exploring the financial impacts.

This is something we’ll be discussing in the advertising related channels of Ghost Influence over the coming weeks. If you’re interested to leverage off the experiences of peers and colleagues, we’d love to have you join us!