It’s Saturday night and you’ve decided to stay home, watch a travel documentary on Netflix and order a pizza. You’re reminded of the best pizza you ever had during a beach vacation last year hundreds of miles away. But naturally, you’ll settle for your favorite pizza place nearby that will do just fine for tonight.

What does ordering pizza have to do with hiring a financial advisor?

For most people, their financial advisor happens to also be just a few miles from their house, but unlike ordering a pizza, the best financial advisor for you might be hundreds of miles…

Image of hundred dollar bills.
Image of hundred dollar bills.

With more than 2,000 personal finance blogs dedicated to money and investing, how do you find your favorites?

Whether you simply want to get smarter about money or you have a specific need, you’re likely to find what you’re looking for among the hundreds of personal finance blogs updated with fresh articles and insights each day.

Trustworthy Personal Finance Blogs

When it comes to choosing the personal finance blogs you read, it’s important to determine if you can trust the person or people writing for the blog. Fortunately, most personal finance blogs were created by honest people who are passionate about helping others improve…

Hi there! Thanks for your interest in Wealthtender.

If you’ve spent time on the most popular search engines lately, you likely share my frustration that advertisements often outnumber links to the useful resources we’re hoping to find.

With millions of people searching the internet everyday looking for help with money matters from people they can trust, I want Wealthtender to end the frustration for everyone who is ready to enjoy life more with less money stress.

With Wealthtender, you’ll spend less time scrolling through search results and more time getting to know trusted financial professionals and educators who are committed…

With more than 2,000 personal finance blogs in the U.S. alone, it can be difficult for newer blogs to stand out and their creators to get noticed.

But with millions of people looking for help with money matters on the internet everyday, new finance blogs sharing the diverse perspectives and unique life experiences of their founders play an important role extending the reach and impact delivered by the personal finance community.

Wealthtender is committed to raising awareness of up and coming finance blogs and celebrating the success of their owners as they grow through the startup stage to reach…

Image of a hand in the shape of a light bulb with clouds in background.
Image of a hand in the shape of a light bulb with clouds in background.

Actively managed ETFs were first launched in the U.S. in 2008 offering benefits previously unavailable to investors. But their popularity has remained limited due to portfolio disclosure requirements favoring mutual funds as the preferred vehicle for active management. However, an announcement by the Securities and Exchange Commission in November 2019 permitting new types of active ETFs (known as semi-transparent ETFs or non-transparent ETFs) is expected to spark renewed interest and accelerate the growth of active ETFs beginning in 2020.

What are actively managed ETFs?

Actively managed ETFs, often referred to simply as active ETFs, are exchange-traded funds that invest in securities like stocks and bonds…

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