‘Overwhelmed’ page 78–79 of Jocko Willink’s ‘Discipline Equals Freedom — Field Manual’

Lately things have been a bit crazy. Some would say it’s been ‘overwhelming’, and they’d be right. Or, sort of right.

There have been a number of things starting to pile up on my mind and in my life. But, I’ve been working to line things up and knock them off.

It reminds me of something in Aikido called “Randori”, or more specifically multiple-person “Randori”. In this situation you’re being chased and attacked by multiple people, at the same time, in an unscripted way. It usually lasts for a few minutes or until the defender is overwhelmed and defeated.

That may sound crazy and chaotic, but there are techniques to help deal with those attacks. One is to run around and attempt to line up your attackers in a straight line, when you get them lined up, you turn and face them. As you throw or knockdown a person you immediately shift to the next in line.

Effectively you’re reducing your multiple attacks to one attack at a time.

This method of handling multiple attackers, that I learned in Aikido, can easily be applied to life “off the mat”.

Like right now.

Over the last month or so it feels like I’ve been just running around trying to line my issues up, getting ready to attack.

Now I’m attacking.

And winning.

It feels good. It feels like clarity is coming back into my life again. I feel energized and ready to attack more.

And that’s what I’m going to do, attack and keep attacking, every day until I have no more days left.

I will not be overwhelmed and defeated. I will win.



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