Hey Brian,
Yan Lhert

Hi Yan, thank you for your really generous response when a simple “like” would have been great!

I have been around the block many times, and I am confident that what happened here happend for all the right reasons. The “invisible hand” often guides us to our highest calling. I don’t say that in any way but as a simple mysticism of spirit. We don’t have to know all the reasons these things happen if we can be comfortable at the core of our soul that the value exchange was reasonable for both parties. Everything else is “strangers passing in the night”, and I really don’t judge the experience negatively. I think if either party wanted to continue, we would have asked the other how we could improve the situation moving forward, but neither did. All parties stated that they were comfortable, that’s all we can ask.

In the end, “no compromises” works when we can meet that highest calling. Let’s see where we get! 😀

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