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Mr. Trump is getting a look at the Middle-Eastern style of crowd control. Erdogan, who has simultaneously wooed Putin, championed the Islamic Revolution, purged, through torture and genocide any opposition to Radical Islam, directed and armed Hamas in the Gaza wars, successfully feigned western-style transformation to the West to join NATO , while carrying-out Turkey`s current Genocide, which involves secular Intellectuals and senior military personnel, while posing as their savior, brought a taste of his brutality under the shocked gaze of security personnel in Washington, as his plain-clothed thugs emerged from the blended crowd attacking unexpected protesters by repeatedly kicking men and women, old and young, lying helplessly in the street and on the sidewalk. It reminded me of their attack on the Israeli soldiers on the Mavi Marmara, for which the world community demanded an apology from Israel. Perhaps a learning exercise of who we`re dealing with ?