- Do you intake media by trans people? TV? Books? Articles? Art? Music?
To the cis person angrily sharing news of the Trump transgender military ban
Angela Dumlao

I do, but this isn’t relevant to civil rights & it sounds a lot like homework for people you know don’t have the time to do it. Inclusiveness is not something you do for 8 hours to get a merit badge.

But to speak to the benefit of bringing art/media into your world, it broadens your perspective. It’s useful, it really is. But if you’re coming up short on this, you are not disqualified from being a civil rights advocate. I was interested in advocating for civil rights long before I had a good chance to experience art by transgender persons, and that didn’t make me a screw-up. The caveat is that you have to start by listening & helping (not by taking over), regardless of your familiarity with transgender culture.

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