Are you suggesting that, when boiled down to its essence, the only contribution men make to society…
Ken Rudich

I wouldn’t know whether a civilization consisting of women only would be peaceful. I’m not sure it has ever been tried.

But, given foreseeable (actually, even existing) technology, a civilization consisting of women only is possible, whereas one consisting of men only would quickly die of old age.

Men seem increasingly unsuited to modern civilization. I don’t know if this is inherent to our nature, or whether it is just cultural. But girls greatly outscore boys at school. Almost the entire prison population consists of men. Significantly more women than men nowadays complete college degrees. I can see why some women would like a man-free world, and for that, men have but themselves to blame.

Perhaps we should whine less about empowered women, start focusing on our studies instead of disrupting classes, stop committing crime, etc.

Here in South Africa, after the end of apartheid, the government started a reconstruction and development program. Part of it was to build low cost housing for people in shanty towns. They quickly learned to legally transfer such houses to the wives rather than the husbands in married couples. Why? Because the men turned out too irresponsible to handle home ownership, and would do things like promptly sell the house to buy a fancy car instead, or shit like that.

Men are a high risk group for all manner of socially unacceptable behaviors; perhaps we should do some introspection…

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