Broken & Sent

If you are hyper aware of your shortcomings and faults, it may mean that you have a job to do.

The story of the Isaiah’s call is an incredible, out-of-this-world experience that overwhelms the young prophet. Finding himself in the presence of God, Isaiah cries out about his brokenness. When compared to the holiness, the purity, of God, Isaiah could not stand.

Then, something amazing happens. The God of perfection expresses a need. God needs someone to be a messenger. This Holy One, whose power and might is clear to Isaiah, is somehow incomplete without someone who will go.

Isaiah, with all of his foibles and brokenness, with all of his sin, could do this.

The one who is perfect needs those of us who are broken. If you are aware of your brokenness, maybe it’s because you’ve experienced the presence of God in some way. If you’ve experienced the presence of God in some way, he’s probably got work for you to do.