Dear Pixonic:
Hunter NN

Not sure how to post on this but here’s my thing. First off some players hang back so they can develop bots without spending and be competitive without moving to higher leagues. Second, reward system is a bit skewed. I understand the want for high damage and also for capturing beacons, and I also understand slackers don’t deserve rewards,. But the unsung heroes of battles don’t get any gold for a victory? No person is going to want to lay down arty support or use lasers to move players out of position if there is no reward for it. I’ve done more to win battles with accurate long range fire than throwing tanks into the meat grinder. I never out damage the tanks or capture more beacons than the cappers but I’m the most hated player on the battle field and my teammates sure love the fact I have their back when they are knife fighting that rhino

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