Because I’m Not Through With This Game Yet, That’s Why
Elton Brand

Not even sure if you’d ever read this Elton — but I was that guy in Chicago, on Saturday 01/17/15, who told you, “ELTON BRAND!!! Don’t ever give up man! Don’t let people tell you what to do. Don’t give up, Elton!” as you were going on the bus in front of your hotel. You told me, “thank you, I appreciate it” — or something along the lines of that. I made it to that game and watched you guys beat the Bulls.

Then I also saw you on Sunday 03/15/15 @ Staples Center when you were playing against my beloved Lakers. For the 2nd half, your Hawks were warming up on the side where I was seated, and I was yelling your name to get your attention. We made eye contact, and I believe you mouthed the words, “Hey, I remember you!” — I really wanted to get a picture with you before you began the official warm up, but you couldn’t come by. I understood that you were on your job. I was just happy to see you.

Somehow, my work assigned me to commute to ATL right after that, and I tried to holla at you on Twitter, as creepy as that sounds. Thought I can even meet up with you over coffee, or a meal, but I also thought, “what are the odds of a professional athlete meeting with a random fan?” Eventually, nothing happened, and I knew it was a long shot to get your response. Reading this today made my day, and I am encouraged to see that you’re not giving up. I’m not saying that my words made a profound impact on you to lace ’em up again. I’m thankful for the random interactions that we’ve had last year (what are the odds of running into you in Chicago, and then in LA?!), and I wish you nothing but the best for 2016. I may be just a random fan, but I would still love to meet up with you and buy you a meal. Holla at me (Twitter: BYoo510, Instagram: b.yoo), when you get a chance. I’m out in Cali, so not sure what the chances are… Heck, you might not even remember me, but just thought I’d give it a try.

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