Snapchat Conversions are Finally Possible

Brian Young
4 min readOct 18, 2017


Snapchat is the best way to market to Gen-Z. However, the platform remains a pain to all digital marketers who rely on conversions as a metric for success. Enter Mish Guru whom last week announced the ability to add swipe up links to pre-produced content on Snapchat. We can now use branded Snapchat accounts as a full feature advertising platform instead of just as a brand awareness tool.

Snapchat can now drive consumers directly to your brand.

Adding “Swipe Up” links to Stories is a huge deal, here’s why:

Every day, CU Denver uses Snapchat as a way to share student experiences with current and prospective students. The digital engagement team is charged with re-snaping user-submitted content and creating/scheduling pre-produced stories that have meaning and value. It’s only with Mish Guru that this is possible — Mish is a one of a kind Snapchat Content Management System that allows us to share our stories with an organic look and feel.

Conversions on Snapchat:

Weekly, we create a weekend Denver event listing for our students. On our Snapchat we display the events as a series of cards with a custom URL that directs to our event landing page. To measure the success of our campaign we hack together engagement and conversion metrics through a combination of data from Google Analytics and Mish Guru. Below we see that 107 students took a screenshot of our events with the intention of converting.

Screen Shot from Mish Guru Sent Stories

However, that’s not the full story, when we looked at those 107 users in Google Analytics we see only 20 of them made it to our landing page. While this is nearly a 20% engagement to conversion rate, it’s not as high as it could be. Using this method, Snapchat conversions require users to screenshot, reference the image, then open a browser and type in the URL. Three actions prove to be too many to result in a high number of conversions, knowing this, we use it mostly as an event awareness tool.

Enter Swipe Up:

Last Thursday we used Swipe Up for the first time and continued to use our custom link to capture our landing page entries. The change in conversions cannot be understated.

We set up the event listing story the same but instead of posting the link on each card, we switched to a “Swipe Up” call to action. Taking a look at Mish’s sent stories, we see very few screenshot engagements, in fact, we see only seven, a reduction of 65%!

From there we can look again at our Google Analytics numbers and see how many users came in from Snapchat. 71 people converted with a Swipe Up increasing our engagement by a whopping 350%. It should be noted that this is the first time we used a “Swipe Up!!!!” CTA on Snapchat and we expect this number to increase as swiping up becomes a learned behavior for our audience.

What’s more, the most significant change here is that if you compare our Facebook App to Snapchat conversions, you can see they are almost identical. Considering we put ad money on our Facebook post and used a Pixel Audience of known current students, this is huge. If this continues to trend up, Facebook could see significant conversion competition from Snapchat.

If your target market is Gen-Z and you need to convert from an existing Snapchat audience, you need to look into Mish Guru and their latest addition. This is a game changer and adds significant value to Snapchat as an advertising platform. For the first time in Snapchat’s short history, we can measure both engagement and conversion. Furthermore, due to Snapchat’s opt-in audience requirement, you can be sure your audience is ready and willing to convert.