Five From The Farm: Weekly Digest №2

Before getting started, a quick word to acknowledge all the kind words, warm thoughts, and great reading I received after sending last week’s digest. I appreciate the support, and the new ideas you shared with me.

I’m a sucker for good speech writing. So, when Michelle Obama told us she was “shaken to the core,” I ate it up. It became a theme for this week’s digest. Four words to soothe an anxious electorate.

I don’t want to get into a habit of sharing political links, but FLOTUS gave me permission to think about what’s fueling our collective anxiety:

  1. Who we are is being used against us.
  2. We’re powerless to do anything about it today.
  3. The only think we can do is vote on November 8th. Which can’t come too fast!

In other words, we’re either being bullied, or we’re being made to watch the Republican party candidate pick on anyone of his choosing. This week’s links are all about why it’s been so easy for Trump to use his power:

  1. Being a bumpkin. Suddenly, we have a presidential candidate who signals his prejudices by using vulgar epithets to get votes. Those of us with polysyllabic vocabularies have no idea how to respond. Why has white-trash identity has so aggressively reasserted itself in our national culture? Black advancement, talk radio, and social media are all factors. But there’s more. The literary world offers some fresh perspectives:
  2. US latinos feel they can’t be themselves at work. The xenophobia isn’t just playing out in politics. It’s also playing out in the workplace. These statistics show how Hispanics cope with bias, and how the rest of us lose something as a result. The untapped economic and human potential is significant:
  3. Women see themselves in Donald Trump’s accusers. Most of us have never met Donald Trump. But we still feel like we know him. This week, several friends have come out to me. They told me that Trump has “resurfaced deeply buried or forgotten memories of sexual assault, some stretching back to childhood.” This link captures the experience. I feel for anyone who is suffering this pain:
  4. The problem with voting rights in NY. In short, we’re all “scared because we don’t know how many millions of Americans will vote for a man they know to be a cruel misogynist at best, and a sex criminal at worst.” Many of us in New York simply can’t understand how this will happen. We think voter discrimination is something that happens elsewhere. Wrong. New York has one of the worst records on voting rights. I was unaware of how bad the discrimination was until I read this:
  5. Literally every goat in the United States. There’s a psychological term for what we’re all experiencing. The APA calls it Election Stress Disorder. The Washington Post wrote an article suggesting some good tips to cope. Personally, I’d rather sit on the front porch and count goats. According to this map, I’m not alone:

So, rest assured, you’re not the only one shaken. You’re in good company. Enjoy the links. Look forward to hearing your thoughts!


PS If you’re curious why you’re getting this, here’s a link to my first digest.

PPS Internet etiquette rules apply. I’d love your thoughts on anything of interest in the digest. Feel free to reply. Also, if you’re interested in seeing the content in different formats or at different times, let me know. I’ll make adjustments. Last but not least, if you’re not interested in seeing the digest, please raise your hand. No hard feelings.

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