Circus Entertainment Gone Wrong

Jumping through hoops, doing tricks they don’t really want to do and being taken from their family at a young age. Thousands of lions are being used for circus entertainment. Although many young kids may enjoy attending circuses to look at the animals, it’s really a horrible sight behind closed doors.

Lion being forced to jump through ring of fire (Source)

These lions are being trained by punishment such things as using big wheel barrels to put their meat in which isn’t sanitary. These wheel barrels contain old hay; nasty animal waste which is what the trainers put the lions food in. Doing so can cause cross-contamination which can get the lion’s very sick (Source).

Lion meat being mixed in with hay can cause them to get very sick.

When younger kids or families attend the circus events they’re really not worried about how trainers treat the lions. In order to make the lions do these tricks trainers have beat, abused, and neglect the lions. Not only that, to top it off these gigantic cats are kept in 6.5 by 8 feet long cages from 75% to 99% of the time when traveling from state to state (Source).

Lion forced to be put in small cage when traveling form different states.

Being kept so long in these cages the animals can start to pace back and forth or even harm themselves it really drives them insane.

Not only this but most circuses are laid-out differently, some of the cages these lions perform in can get very overwhelming for them. Seeing all of the people in the crowd, screaming, kids crying, it really takes a toll on the animals. Studies have shown that 75% of the trainers either get attacked, bitten, or scratched (Allan Massey).

Lions going insane in cage while trainers are inside.

Since 1990, 126 captive big cats and 23 humans have died in the U.S. as a result of keeping these animals in captivity more than 255 humans have been injured (Ringling Bros). In this same report they also noted that the lions had been deprived from water for days.

While many may argue that having lions in circuses are legal. It isn’t legal to mistreat and abuse them with whips, starving them to perform tricks, and leaving them dehydrated for public entertainment.

Lion has been beaten with metal poles, and whips just to perform tricks. (Source.)

Traveling circuses use billboards, commercials, and other promotions to advertise a good time for the whole family, but circuses are no fun for the tigers, lions, elephants, and other animals who are forced to perform under the attack of sticks, bull-hooks, whips, and electric prods.

Studies have also shown that circuses are supposed to be stopping these big cats from participating in these activities in the year 2018 (Alex Gore). Not only this but elephants have been participating in circuses for years. Recently the (Ringling Bros) have banned elephants from performing in circuses so why not enforce it for lions?

Old flyer supporting circus entertainment. (Source)

Although promoters may lose tons of money enforcing this topic, it should be heard and someone needs to put a stop to it. No family entertainment is worth more than the well-being of any animal involved and their isn’t enough money in the world to continue to let these precious animals suffer like this.

Trainer performing act with the lion.

Just ask yourselves, should lions or any other animal for that matter go through all of this abuse and cruelty? So next time you think about purchasing a circus ticket always remember you’re supporting the disgusting cruelty that is happening daily to these wild animals.

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