There is an enormous failure of imagination among those who think that we face a jobless future.
Do More! What Amazon Teaches Us About AI and the “Jobless Future”
Tim O'Reilly

I’d argue the reverse is true. The lack of imagination is in the Luddite analogy. The idea that the impact of past innovations has any bearing on how future advancements can affect our world is mentally lazy.

The problem isn’t that we won’t come up with new things/products/tasks/jobs for people to do; its that we won’t have the ability to retrain the workforce at a rate that out paces the ability of technology to do that “new” thing better/faster/cheaper.

Shifting the workforce to focus on human EQ type tasks is a temporary solution. As soon as we develop aEI (Artificial Emotional Intelligence) those jobs are just as subject to replacements as any other.