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The Underground Coffee House

As I sit in the comfort of the Underground Coffee House on the campus of, Western Washington University I wait for the talented group of the night to set up. The Underground Coffee House provides and encourages local talent of various genres to come and preform before the people of Bellingham, Washington. As a new resident of Bellingham, I spend a good amount of my time at the Underground. From studying for a torturous math test, to enjoying a delicious cup of London Fog Tea, or ending a stressful day with your friends by listening to local bands, The Underground is overall the best place to go on campus.

I particularly love the concerts that the coffee shop hosts. The local entertainment is amazing and I find the bravery of the local talent to be inspiring. Even though it takes a great deal of courage to get on that stage, I find that the positivity of the people that fill the coffee house ease the nerves of the performers. You won’t find a more welcoming and warm place to come and follow your dreams or to hop out of your comfort zone. In order to take that a chance and hop on that stage you have to go during the week because the coffee house is closed on the weekends. But during the week they compensate for that by having designated themes every day. On Monday’s its trivia night, on Tuesday’s its open mic night, concerts are on Wednesday’s, and Thursday’s are the club sponsored nights.

In addition to the amazing entertainment hosted by the coffee house, the food is absolutely delicious! The handmade sandwiches with the freshly made soups are my go to meal and I personally love the classic ham sandwich with a piping hot bowl of chicken noodle soup. If you’re craving something a little sweeter than the handmade sandwiches and soups, their delicious pastries paired with the locally brewed Tony’s Fair Trade coffee and espresso are another reason to go.

If you need a reason other than the incredibly well chosen entertainment and the delicious freshly made food, the overall environment is stupendously comfortable and welcoming. The coffee house is a large open room that has big couches to relax on in front of the main stage, and tables surrounding the main floor in front of big windows that are giving you a glimpse of the beautiful Bellingham bay. As you find your way to your seat after getting a delicious bite to eat, you will feel at ease with the comfort of the well-lit room. During the day you have the access to wonderful natural lighting from the windows that is perfect for studying and after the sun goes down the room has softer feeling lighting provided by a stage full of lights creating a relaxing atmosphere.

While there are many other coffee shops in Bellingham and a few places on campus, The Underground Coffee House is the only one to offer a delightful setting with groovy furniture and comfortable lighting, as well as Tony’s Fair Trade coffee and espresso, delicious baked goods, hand crafted sandwiches, and freshly made soups. The Underground Coffee House is the most accommodating, welcoming, under rated and enjoyable place on campus that suits everyone.

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