I learned a lot this week. The thing that stands out the most is Stress, Burnout, and Social Support in the Workplace.

I remember getting panic attacks because we would get so busy during lunch time at another restaurant. I would have to sit down and rest while my co-workers are rushing to get the orders out. I felt so bad because I couldn’t do anything. I had to sit there and rest. My doctor ended up prescribing Advair to help me. I think I only took it a couple times. That was the stress part in the workplace for me.

I used to work at many restaurants for many years. I got tired of it to where I didn’t want to do it anymore. I used to love being a busboy because you would get tips. At some restaurants, some of the servers would give you tips. The other servers keeps it for themselves. I remember working late at Denny’s Restaurant when I lived in Waikiki. My shift was from 4 pm to 10 pm. I used to come home after midnight because I had make sure the tables where clean and reset. The stations had to be stocked up and the dishwasher is empty. Towards the end of my shift, there was a line of tubs stacked on the floor filled with dishes. I felt bad because the next dishwasher didn’t mind doing it. I had to take the garbage out to the dumpster, which was in the parking structure of the hotel. That was the burnout part in the workplace for me.

I never really made friends with my co-workers. They would come in do their job, then leave. I remember being close to my co-workers at this restaurant. After it closed down, everyone did their own thing. No one kept in touch with me, except for one. That was the social support in the work place for me.

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