My Experience With Apple’s Culture

Photo by qiye with CC

Since 2012 when I started working at Apple in iOS as a Software Engineer I’ve been asked many questions from “When is the next iPhone coming out?” to “Why is Apple Maps so bad?”. However the most enlightening questions inquire about my specific experiences and the culture there. As you may know, secrecy at Apple is so huge that the security wing of the company helped edit this post with some redactions:

In all seriousness though secrecy and security is so much a part of the culture that after working at Apple for a while these become reflex. I spoke in code words to colleagues, worked in an area that did not allow visitors and was encouraged to answer the “What do you do?” question with “I work at a computer company”. These days Apple is under such a microscope that these measures make sense and they are pretty effective with very few software leaks coming out of Cupertino. However, they have other unfortunate side effects that I’ll talk about later.

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