My name is Brice Séraphin. I offer free and paid premium graphic resources.

-> Creative and Passionate: Pixels all the way!

Enthusiastic young computer Geek, Freelance Designer in love of independence, I have alot of experience in graphical projects, and I always give the best of myself to bring you to success.

People describe me as a workaholic, and whenever I am not struggling for my clients, I try to improve myself again and again, inspiring me with latest the trends in graphic design, experimenting with new techniques and studying the ergonomics of the best designed platforms on the internet, which I examine with class and passion.

Structured, organized, * a bit too perfectionist * I have eyes that “bleed” at the sight of a poorly integrated pixel!

In FPS games, my instinct, my reflexes and my “bionic” eyesight leave no luck to my opponents .
The rest of the time * being a good self-respecting geek * between two musical opus, I watch tv series and classic science fiction films.
In the future, I would love to travel more, and even why not, try to go for Silicon Valley.

-> My Philosophy

Self-taught, I only believe in the virtues of work and experience gained carefully on the ground . Rather than scatter myself in different areas of expertise, I invested exclusively within my specialty, whic is design, to become the best at it. A team of specialists will always be better than a team of well-rounded Swiss Army Knives*.

Independent and autonomous, I strive to offer the right price, determined by the number of hours of actual work required to implement the specification. It is always designed to best meet the needs and client projects. By working in partnership with other freelancers protects projects from any internal conflict of interest, common in web agencies.

Belonging to a generation who grew up with the internet, whose culture has been shaped by its many uses, I consider this network as the last space of freedom and community sharing, often to circumvent censorship.
I am a strong supporter of internet neutrality.

-> My Ethics

As a pure designer, I am totally against any form of “Speculative Work” (contest creations, design concepts before contracts on a competitive basis of several designers, etc .. = FREE WORK) that causes the downfall of our businesses by devaluing it.
For my part, no work will be done before confirmation of assignment (via through detailed specifications and contracts signed by both parties. A systematic invoice will be issued after the final settlement.

What is Speculative Work ???

The “Spec Work” only touches * yet * the world of Graphic Design, for example, we still do not see this kind of application in a pure project development.

Have a good read!

BS. Freelancer.