I’m now working on a post about suggestions for action items for addressing the need for age…
Steven Levy

If you are looking for input, my rough thoughts on the matter:

  1. Start measuring employee age as you would anything else. The old adage “that which is measured, improves” is clearly in play. If you don’t know what your employee age graph is, you can’t know if there is a problem.
  2. Start measuring pay and position vis-a-vis age; you should be doing this for race and gender already so it’s one more line on the graph. Understand if you are underrepresented with old white guys at the top or if you are still pulling in experienced individual contributors at the leaf nodes.

As Jeff Bezos notes most problems need good mechanisms, not just good intentions. Start these measurements and publish them. Good companies, i.e. fair companies, will attract more people who want to be treated fairly. The cost of measuring and publishing stats will be offset by the uptick in recruiting.

In terms of a good intention I’d ask tech leaders to be honest with themselves; how often do they *try* to hire younger? Do you as a tech leader believe that young is better? Change starts at home.