Getting Over Uber
Susan Crawford

What this profoundly misses is just how bad taxis in most cities are. Drivers tend to be unsafe, the taxis are generally dirty, and the service is poor. How often have cabbies struggled to run a credit card correctly or as in some cases refused to accept a credit card after the ride is over. Stories abound of lost drivers, drivers who no-show on pickups or as is the case in Seattle there simply are not enough cabs.

I understand the concern with Uber. Bluntly speaking it’s a douche-y company with an abusive business model. But the simple fact is that taxis are generally a terrible experience and Uber does it better. Blocking Uber isn’t going to change that.

What is needed is more competition. Basic regulations should be in place to ensure safety and where there are labor standard (e.g. minimum wage) those should be enforced to ensure a level playing field. Otherwise let’s see Lyft, Uber, the entrenched cabs, and whatever service inevitably comes next to disrupt and change what is currently a broken experience.