In a world where there’s an app for everything and everyone, sharing economy has been one of the terms that keep popping up — as if creating a short-term rental service was the solution for everything. There are even apps that let you rent other app sharing services for a short period — sharinception.

There’s a sharing economy platform for everything, and the most recent one (or the one that we’ll discuss) is the power bank sharing economy.

What is power bank sharing?

A shared-charged economy platform is a digital service, which allows you to rent power banks for a short duration of time and…

Have you ever asked your elders about their summer stories? Usually, they all involve hanging out under the sun, having some old-school picnic snacks, a summer fling, or getting involved in a mischievous adventure (often, accompanied by the summer fling person). Basically, the vast majority of those epic summer tales did not happen while waiting indoors.

So with that in mind, thinking also that’s Stockholm’s scenery is perfect for being outdoors, we’ve made it our mission to help people spend as much time outside as they want to and hence, create tomorrow’s epic summer stories.

In order to do that…

Did you know, ‘nomophobia’ is short for ‘no mobile phone phobia’? The first time I heard this word I immediately thought it was the clinical term for an unbalanced fear towards clownfish. It took me five seconds to realize I had mistakenly associated the word with the Pixar movie called — according to me — Finding Nomo. It was only later that I realized nomophobia is the proposed word to describe the extreme fear of not being able to use your phone.

Now, we’ve all been in a situation where we’ve panicked because our phone battery is dead or because…

To understand Brick, you need to know the story behind it. And what’s a better way of doing that than in the unnecessary style of a medieval bard. Pro tip: play this song while reading


This story starts with a phone, a lock, a door, and a loud DUCK*.

It was a rainy night when our tired and weather-worn CEO Emil was returning home after a long and boring day. As he neared the entrance to his apartment, breathing a long sigh of relief, he reached into his pocket to take out his phone. This was when he noticed that his battery had gone. He stared at the lock then back at the phone then back at the lock again. “DUCK,” he shouted, “DUCK DUCK DUCK DUCK DUCK DUCK!”.


Why all the ducks? Because he…

Here’s the brutal truth: Everyone hates running out of battery

A modern lifestyle is dependent on your phone. No one likes sitting by the lonely plug at the train station to boost their battery.

Brick is a Stockholm-based startup that is bringing charging into the era of the sharing economy. We have an app that enables micro-rentals of power banks across the entire city, that can be returned anywhere in the ecosystem.

We are currently expanding fast with high-profile partners such as ICA, Starbucks, Café Opera, Nobelstiftelsen, Hard Rock Café, Atrium Ljungberg, Stockholm Fashion District, and many others.

By May…

Brick Technology

We are a Stockholm-based startup that is making “running out of battery” a thing of the past. Check out our site ->

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