Contemporary Home Design Guide

Contemporary home design is a special type of design scheme that encompasses a wide variety of styles, which were developed in the last part of the 20th Century. The elements used in this type of home design are often considered to be soft and rounded. This is an immense difference when compared to modern home design, which often utilizes bold, stark lines and hard textures. In contemporary home design, it is common to observe colors that are neutral or bold. This type of home design also places a special emphasis on lines, shapes, and forms that are used both externally and internally. In this brief home design guide, you will be introduced to the various elements associated with contemporary home design.

The Colors

In contemporary home design, color is the key to success in creating the contemporary “look and feel”. It is common for earth tones, such as brown, white, cream, and even taupe to be used; however, there are certain shots or bursts of colors that are utilized in order to create a clean and unique appearance. It is not at all uncommon for a single wall within the room of a contemporary-designed hometo have sharp, vibrant colors. You may find a floor rug that utilizes sharp, bold colors, too! Many even elect to integrate art pieces that offer a contrasting sense of color in a naturally colored room.


In contemporary home design, the lighting is much more than just a functional element of the scheme. In fact, it is considered to be an artistic-based statement that is designed to complement the overall design of the structure. If table lamps and/or floor lamps are used throughout the home, they often have metallic finishes and incorporate a lot of straight lines. Many incorporate color within the room by purchasing a unique, bold, and colorful lamp shade. If wall art and art accessories are placed throughout the home, a special type of recessed lighting or a type of track lighting may be used in order to highlight the artwork.

Furniture Pieces

When it comes to contemporary home design, special attention must be made to the furniture pieces incorporated within the structure. You should focus on including pieces that have smooth surfaces and do not include any type of integrated designs. Furniture pieces composed of natural colors, natural woods, and various types of steels and metals are most appropriate for the contemporary home design.


Contemporary home design takes what is popular today and integrates it — both structurally and in interior design. The idea is to be subtle by using natural or earth tone colors and integrate a bit of vibrancy through small pieces of art, accessories, or by creating one wall within the structure that is much different. You may even utilize special types of lighting in order to master the art of contemporary design. If you have an interest in contemporary home design, we have several specialists standing by that are willing to assist you in creating your dream home. Give us a call today at:210–494–1722