Future Archi ~ the community of Innovative architects have one year!

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Hello and happy new year 2018 to everyone :)

I am architect and funder of Bricks, the collaborative web app to collaborate on architecture projects in a smart and agile way.

Bricks app is in private beta and you can join the waiting list here! You can learn about Bricks in the Archipreneur interview I made last September 2017.

Bricks app / Smart project management for architecture

I want to share with you the first year of Future Archi, the community we also created to share knowledge about architecture and innovation and let innovative architects meet and discuss together.

The thematics are BIM, parametric architecture, Open source architecture, Robots in architecture…

What you have in mind and that you experienced in your own projects that is related to Architecture and Innovation.

Future Archi / The community of innovative architects

You can learn more on how to contribute to Future Architecture and share your own experiences, projects, and curation about the new cutting-edge architecture innovations.


Some of the 2017 most popular articles where :

Sébastien Lucas / Architect and co-founder of Bricks, the smart architecture project management application.

CEO at Bricks / Architect, Web Developer

Originally published at https://www.linkedin.com on January 3, 2018.

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