Open for Business
Sarah Hinchliff Pearson

Thanks for this interesting article. I was a bit disapointed you haven’t talked about possible solutions to overcome the problem you point : the fact that paying for digital content naturally become more and more difficult, by comparison with the business of Air Bnb that is still very difficult to do without their intermediary.

Values that can be added to high quality content and for what people may be ok to pay could be for example :

  • curation : you have the best content curated by a community or a team
  • advanced search : there is of course lot’s of high quality content, but in business, we want the content be exactly what we need, answer quickly and put forward a high quality content that fit perfectly is a service
  • in place suggest : instead of swaping on 3–4 and more platforms, we gather every thing in one place, so people waste less time to search (like in canva)
  • ….

Do you think about other possibilities ?

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