Toolkit for open source architecture and collaborative design projects

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The authors are :
Sébastien Lucas
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Collaborative design, open source architecture are different terms that are not entirely interchangeable.

We will try to list the common good pratices that can be learned from these new collaborative ways of designing. And more generally how to develop new open source architecture projects and the community behind it.

Depending of the projects types, different strategies can be followed.

But the main idea behind open source architecture projects is that more than one people, creator, designer or even citizen develop an architecture, design, urbanism or more generally creative projects.

The other idea is that the projects or elements of projects can be reused thanks to specific open source, creative commons, … licences.

That reusability and the involvement of community members are hard to achieve. Many open source projects are known only by their creators and cannot be reused in an easy way.

Here are some good practices we have learned while building Bricks the hub for open source architecture & collaborative design

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This is a work in progress document.

So do not hesitate read it again with more learnings we have added. Feel free to comment it to suggest us some good practices you have learned, some corrections or anything that you think may be interesting to add to this document.

If you want to contribute to add some insights or even write an entire chapter, read more about how to contribute.

If you develop or know some interesting open source architecture projects or ressources, we also curate a directory of links about open source architecture on Github. Suggest us new links, we would be very pleased to add them.

If you write on the topic and have a blog on open source architecture, collaborative design, co-design, we would be more than happy to exchange and publish some of you posts as invite bloggers on Bricks.

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