Freeliving Ecosystem

Not long ago, terms like “Cryptocurrencies”, “Blockchain” and more that are now very popular in the headlines news, media and international conferences discussions, were completely unknown to me.

I used to spend most of my time thinking about innovative ideas which allow me to make the difference in my business (housing development), an increasingly competitive market with many challenges in terms of interesting proposals, to reduce the uncertainty caused by the sharp escalation of lands, materials, supplies and labor prices.

That is when, in a meeting with my partners, an idea came across: offering an innovative scheme which allows us to change our business model to one that could be more identified with the growing trend of renting unified spaces for accommodation and coworking, and that meets the needs of thriving communities as Cryptocurrency traders and users that have come to stay, millennials which represent around the 60% of the productive force on the planet and subcommunities like digital nomads, entrepreneurs, influencers and freelancers.

Following an in-depth study and analysis, we could identify what our region (Latin America) needs, and the fact that it is a challenge for the governments to generate constructions of rental housing hand in hand with solid companies, specialized in the real estate market. Thus, we saw an opportunity coming before us to meet the needs of a community that has not had a solution to their evolving and demanding needs according to the behavior and lifestyle that an increasingly globalized world is undergoing.

Nevertheless, the challenges continued, this real estate infrastructure needed distinguishing elements from all points of view, in order to offer a fundamental change to the traditional space rental model. So, we incorporate technology in every aspect of our idea: design, construction, operation, maintenance, and other processes that integrate a construction company that can be accessible for every stakeholder of the project.

With ideas come concerns too, we needed to solve the product approach, the attainment of spaces, financial resources, and a high workload. Once we evaluated different options from the traditional market like, banks, investors, friends, provision of lands and creating synergies with providers and contractors of the sector, we ended up concluding that through conventional means this project would take too much time to address innovative scenarios for raising resources to develop our idea.

Thanks to a meeting with a friend who had made incursions in the cryptocurrencies world and with a great entrepreneurial spirit, we came up to the idea of investigating and delve into the cryptocurrencies and their application in the business world. All the bounties of these new ways to create and do business helped us to decide to put all our efforts into a real estate token development but, it would not be an ordinary proposal, we wanted to go further and benefit the whole real estate sector in our region boosting it with innovative solutions.

This is how BRICKS4US was born, the first decentralized ecosystem for freeliving and coworking based on blockchain technology and smart contracts to become a revolutionary solution in the Latin American’s lifestyle and with a great potential to be used globally.

In my next article I will tell you why we thought that, with this initiative, we are integrating and supporting the whole real estate market and a neglected community so far. Don’t miss the next post!

Antonio Lozano

Bricks4us Co-Founder.