The Philosophy and Anatomy of Skate with Gabe

I recently got together with my old friend Gabe, he wanted to check out a skate park down in Fort Collins. Along the way we got deep into one of Gabe’s oldest hobbies, one he has been deeply passionate about for well over a decade, that hobby is, of course, skating. During the visit I shot tons and tons of footage with Gabe, picturing in my mind all the angles and cool shots videographers used to showcase the old professional skaters. All these ‘skate demos’ I had watched on outdoor living and alternative sports TV when I was younger; and now I was making one of my own.

This was not just a simple demo, I wanted it to be something more in-depth, something deeper. So after getting all of this footage of Gabe pretty much just messing around, trying out every corner of the park, I convinced Gabe to go way deep into just one trick. After some thought and a few tryouts, Gabe settled on the 5–0 Grind.

After getting back from the Park, Gabe and I settled in for an extended interview, in which I questioned him on his life relating to skating, and I don’t think I could have asked for better answers.

A very special thanks to my friend Gabe for the good times and the great insights.

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