Know Why Dating Ukrainian Girl is Always a Difficult Task

Going on any date is very exciting and thrilling, but this excitement gets double when one goes on international dating with a person from another country. It’s a saying by Ukrainian’s that people judge you first by your looks & dressing sense, then after they appreciate you for your common sense and IQ. So, to create the initial positive impression on your date with Ukrainian girl you should remember a few points. In this article we are going to discuss those characteristics that your Ukrainian lady wants in you before accepting you as a life partner.

First, your lady might expect you to match her in her dressing style. If you research, then you will find out that the economical situation in Ukraine is much lower than the eastern countries, but still somehow women there manage to look very stylish, fit and fashionably dressed. That’s the reason they would expect the same thing from you also.

Dress should be according to event. One of the rules of the Ukrainian dress code, that can help you to deal with the matter, is trying to avoid wearing too casual clothes like duffels, sporty clothes, shorts, etc. As most of the Ukrainian ladies would feel that this is not the appropriate dress for their life partner, doesn’t matter if you are simply going to the downtown area, beach parties, and sporting events or just for a simple walk.

Second, paying for your lady is one of the major Ukrainian dating courtesy traditions. They follow one great rule: “You pray, I pay”. By remembering this, you will never make a mistake. This isn’t meant that Ukrainian women are poor or greedy. It’s simply a tradition there. So if you are dating a Ukraine lady, you should cover all the dating expenses.

Third, if you are going out for a dinner or any other place then a Ukrainian lady will always want you to show your courtesy by opening a door for her so that she can enter first or by offering her a hand when she goes out of a cab or a public transportation. Same for the restaurant, she would expect you to help her to get seated by the moving chair for her etc. All such things are essential for Ukrainian dating courtesy traditions as though Ukrainian ladies are considered to be smart and independent, they still like to be very feminine and such courtship male life partner.

One more thing, as a Ukrainian lady would expect you to pay all dating expenses. Except this by gifting her small gifts also, you can win her heart. If there is no special event, then you can stick with some flowers and chocolates. But, be careful about the colors and no of flowers you select. In Ukraine, you always give your fiance an odd number of flowers, because the bouquets with an even number of flowers are given for the burials only. Don’t give her yellow flowers unless you know that it is her favorite color. As in Ukrainian, Yellow is the symbol of departure and separation. So, if your lady would be superstitious, she may consider it bad luck and your relationship may be doomed by bad luck.

Ukrainian girls are known to be most beautiful, stylish, fit, well dressed, highly educated and family oriented women on the planet. So next time when you date a Ukrainian girl do remind all the above points that will help you to make your date a long lasting and memorable event of your life.

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