Why girls prefer confident guys?

What is It About Direct Men?

Dating tips

Dating experts agree that there is something special about direct men. They tend to be more seductive and more appealing. They are time wasters. Thus, when they feel no chemistry with a specific woman after the initial date, they don’t hesitate to speak it out. Such men don’t fear rejection; They take it positively and move on.

Do you want to be winner?

Make Dating Enjoyable

Provide her with all the ingredients of an enjoyable, stress free dating experience. Show genuine interest when you are with her. Focus on her. Be sensitive about her feelings and respond appropriately when prompted to do so. Make her feel secure. Don’t endanger her prized self-esteem. It is a treasure she wouldn’t want messed up with.

Be Real

It doesn’t take you far to be mysterious. That belongs to the past. Be simple and authentic. Be yourself; Be real, honest and assertive. As it has always been assumed, women are not necessarily interested in your money; rather, they are looking for confidence, success and a sense of humor. All these require openness, besides being direct and straightforward.

So, would you rather be direct and hit the road running, than the escapist who beats around the bush and loses? Ponder about it! Continue..

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