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Mathios Meridius

How can you consider someone who plays Pokemon go a bandwagon jumper if they don’t jump straight off after the majority of people have already? Now I suppose I should my life story too shouldn’t I? Here goes nothing. In 2003 when I was born I was born into a middle-class family with two brothers ages 6 and 8 at the time. I can remember being being barely able to communicate and my brothers teaching me of Pokemon! I remember the day my parents bought us Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, and then immediately when we hopped in the car pulling out our ds’ and I being 3 nearly 4 at the time asking my brothers “Who is better?” in relation to the starters. I also remember the number of hours I played on Soulsilver being over 1,600 which on one game cartridge is ALOT of damn hours spent grinding the elite four to get every Pokemon i could to level 100. Finally I remember July 2016 being the 13 year old I am spending 9 hours a day walking around trying to find something… but instead coming up with jack shit. Then one day out of the blue one of my friends texts me saying “DROP EVERYTHING THERE’S A GYARADOS DOWNTOWN AT BROADWAY ST!!!” then as I’m heading to get my dad I text him “Will I be able to get it?” and he says “No time to explain, but yes!” and with that I’m downtown catching a gyarados with my friend and dozens of pokemon fans. “How’d everyone find this?” I asked and a resounding “POKEVISION!!!”


That 3 year old playing pokemon

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