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Blockchain evolves fast. Bridge is no exception.

In February of 2018, the Bridge team undertook the initial phases of building out a tool that would allow consumers to interact with the blockchain and its dApps in ways they never could before.

This benefit to consumers didn’t end with a one-time KYC check. Instead, consumers now can bring their identity with them across the blockchain. Bridge Passport is immutable, portable and secure, opening doors for its users and cutting costs for the businesses and organizations that they patronize.

API access allows businesses to verify these credentials and open source lets innovators…

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JusticeCap Anti-Surveillance Hat

As the technology behind facial recognition and big data continue to grow, so does the debate on their place in society.

Cameras now appear seemingly everywhere.

With most of these cameras recording 24/7, a tremendous amount of data is being captured. With companies like Nest, storing and processing all their data in a centralized solution, the question needs to be asked; is this something we should fear?

In the United States, Detroit recently debated when and how it is appropriate for the City to use facial recognition.

In Asia, protesters worry about the advanced capabilities of the police in squashing…

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Layer by layer the Bridge Network continues to grow; offering consumers and institutions a secure, immutable and trusted place to conduct their critical business processes.

In order for the Bridge Network to grow, providers must compete to deliver the fastest and most accurate results. The Bridge Marketplace is where identity requests can be quickly matched with the best providers.

Bridge Protocol is pleased to offer its newest KYC / AML digital identity verification provider; Aver Digital Identity Solutions.

Aver is a digital identity and document verification service, utilizing augmented and artificial intelligence to provide a high-level of assurance in financial…

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Bridge Protocol — Identity, Secured.

The legalization of cannabis has been a cause that has taken flight during the last years in several countries and cities around the world. What once divided society and generated conflictive debates of all kinds, is now accepted as a reality.

These are times of essential revolutions and accelerated global changes.

Postmodernity has demanded a change in paradigms and even in the fundamental structures of societies. Same-sex marriage, the legal approval of drugs, the need to regain trust in institutions are signs that something significant is happening.

Blockchain technology is another clear evidence of this, and its repercussions are as…

Just months ago initial coin offerings (ICOs) seemed unstoppable.

Between January to March of 2018, ICOs had collected more than $6.3 billion from cryptocurrency investors, surpassing the total ICO investments for the whole of 2017.

However, the SEC and other regulatory authorities soon began to regulate.

While the SEC has not yet introduced any formal legislation on ICOs, SEC Chief Jay Clayton has been straightforward in his remarks that ICOs should be handled as securities. Other regulators, such as Swiss FINMA, have also confirmed their position in securities offerings; for now.

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What is an STO and what differentiates it from…

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In the last few years, we have seen the rapid rise and fall of biometric identity. For something that was adopted so quickly, it was quite surprising to see its rapid decline. But; this was for good reason.

As with any new technology, flaws began to emerge after mass adoption.

What are Biometrics and why do we use them?

Biometric is a word that many consumers know, but very few ever took the time to conceptualize it. Broken down, it’s quite a simple concept:

Bio — from the Greek root bio, meaning ‘life’ and often relating to the study of living organisms


Metrics — denoting the science of…

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Since its inception, Bridge Protocol has focused on delivering a resource to the blockchain community that we truly believe in.

We are pleased to release some new information about our developments and the future of Bridge Protocol.

Constructing the Foundation of Bridge
During the early architectural development of Bridge Protocol, discussions were held on the future ability of community developers to integrate and utilize the platform.

With this focus, our engineering team explored integration with browser extensions that were already compatible with nearly 1 billion users browsers. Additional development resources were brought in to assist with this plan of action.

Welcome to Seattle! — A Modern Tech City

Long flights are never easy; but after traveling across the country to visit a new location, our team was extremely excited and ready to make a statement. Upon arriving to the modern and newly built Hyatt Regency in downtown Seattle, we felt welcomed immediately. The atmosphere was blaring with tech development as hordes of Microsoft individuals were everywhere due to another ongoing conference.

Entering the nighttime hours, we found ourselves encountering other groups attending the highly anticipated conference ahead of us. The team of professionals from NeoNewsToday accompanied us for a few drinks and memories at the hotel lounge. …

In a digital age where online identity verification is more prevalent, we begin to observe the constant data breaches around us. Whether this stems from your daily social media account or perhaps working as a government employee, the majority of us have become a victim or know someone who has been victimized by having their identity stolen.

“As proof, the cybersecurity expert got pictures of individuals holding up a piece of paper with the word “Binance” and the date the picture was taken at. In these pictures, their faces are visible, as well as their identity cards or drivers’ licenses

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Most would agree, it has been a crazy year in the blockchain space…

This industry has gone through a wild series of shocking news and scandalous turns; from an $831 billion dollar market cap to Dr. Nouriel Roubini’s Doomsday predictions. Celebrity promotion then regulatory crackdowns defined the year for some projects.

Other projects had high-hopes and fell flat.

Regardless of the individual twists-and-turns, ups-and-downs or horizontal charts; 2018 was a spectacular year in the blockchain sector.

Tremendous development has been made and early adoption has begun… It all happened this year.

Seed to Sow — A Year at Bridge Protocol

In early January, Bridge Protocol came into the NEO…

Bridge Protocol

Bridge Protocol s a RegTech company specializing in identity services and compliance for KYC/AML and more on the blockchain

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