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Bridge Protocol
Oct 31 · 3 min read

Blockchain evolves fast. Bridge is no exception.

In February of 2018, the Bridge team undertook the initial phases of building out a tool that would allow consumers to interact with the blockchain and its dApps in ways they never could before.

This benefit to consumers didn’t end with a one-time KYC check. Instead, consumers now can bring their identity with them across the blockchain. Bridge Passport is immutable, portable and secure, opening doors for its users and cutting costs for the businesses and organizations that they patronize.

API access allows businesses to verify these credentials and open source lets innovators do what they do best; innovate for the good of all blockchain users.

There have been a few key updates to Bridge Protocol Network, below is further information on these changes.

Driven by Aver, Fueled by BRDG

Getting the best prices for consumers and businesses seeking KYC / AML is a critical portion of what makes Bridge Network such a great tool.

Utilizing Aver Identity Verification, Bridge can offer consumers Basic KYC / AML at a discount of nearly 50% of the market rate. This price is based off the token price, updated in real time to provide the most up to date valuation.

Bridge Network Upgrades

Robust infrastructure remains one of the most important elements to create a smooth consumer-institution transaction. Bridge has made significant changes to its hosting. These changes create lower costs, increase performance speeds and allow for greater geo-redundancy.

Each element of these upgrades enables to engineering team to work on a system with better maintainability.

In addition to basic infrastructure, Bridge has been further decentralized to allow for greater transparency and overall security.

Bridge Network is only responsible for being a source of trust in vetting Network Partners, flagging bad actor passports, and facilitating communication between passport owners and Bridge Marketplace Partners.

Now, all claims transfer and claims publishing occurs on the blockchain or peer-to-peer between the passport owner and the network partner.

As always, no data is stored on the Bridge Network servers.

Bridge Passport Extension 2.0

Enhancing the user experience was a big focus for the development team since the initial launch of the Bridge Passport Extension. Creating a seamless interface and simple workflow allows Bridge users to quickly and effortlessly verify their identity and pass their passport off when needed.

Users understanding each part of their verification process is important, our new messaging protocol allows users to submit login requests, token payment requests as well as verified claim import requests.

In addition, browser initiated login and payment requests will auto-open the extension and prompt users for their input.

Additional features have been added to the Bridge Passport Wallet, giving users the ability to import existing NEO wallets, view their recent BRDG transaction and push verified claims to the blockchain using dual-witness verification.

Bridge Protocol SDK

Enhancement to the SDK allow for more simple and straightforward development. We have added a peer-to-peer verified claims import protocol as well as allowing for peer-to-peer payments with BRDG tokens.

On the blockchain side, better support for verified claims publishing and dual-witness verification have been added.

In effort to add additional decentralization to the network, Bridge Network API is no longer required to proxy requests for NEO Blockchain transactions, all blockchain transactions operate directly on public nodes to remove dependency on the Bridge Network API.

Claim types, profile types, verification provider list, blockchain contract hashes and addresses are included as constants in the SDK to remove dependency on the Bridge Network API.

We have active communities on Twitter, Reddit and Telegram; watch these social media channels for the newest from our team!






Thanks to Stephen Hyduchak

Bridge Protocol

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Bridge Protocol s a RegTech company specializing in identity services and compliance for KYC/AML and more on the blockchain

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