Is Facial Recognition Something To Be Feared?

Bridge Protocol
Aug 2 · 2 min read
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As the technology behind facial recognition and big data continue to grow, so does the debate on their place in society.

Cameras now appear seemingly everywhere.

With most of these cameras recording 24/7, a tremendous amount of data is being captured. With companies like Nest, storing and processing all their data in a centralized solution, the question needs to be asked; is this something we should fear?

In the United States, Detroit recently debated when and how it is appropriate for the City to use facial recognition.

In Asia, protesters worry about the advanced capabilities of the police in squashing civil unrest. Protesters continue to cover their faces to prevent recognition on state surveillance cameras.

Across the globe, this question has been ringing loudly.

Is all facial recognition bad?

In your everyday life, facial recognition is used in places that you would never expect. This data is largely anonymous, simply contributing to a larger data set of user behavior and consumer trends. Your name, identity or personal information are usually not associated with this data.

It may be as simple as a resort recording where guests like to go to and from on their property. Or perhaps where your specific groups like to gather.

But, when your identity is associated with any part of your biometric identity, there is certainly room for fear.

You can read more about Facial Recognition Vs Facial Authentication.

Protecting your biometric identity.

If you want to continue to live a normal life, not requiring an Invisible Mask, then consider placing your priority on protecting your personal information, not your facial data.

Adding a blockchain intermediary gives you the ability to separate your physical verified identity from your anonymous blockchain transactions.

By using services like Bridge that mask your identity to the receiver, facial recognition data is simply an emerging technology; not something to be feared.

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