NeoDevCon Bridge Protocol Recap & Announcements

Welcome to Seattle! — A Modern Tech City

Long flights are never easy; but after traveling across the country to visit a new location, our team was extremely excited and ready to make a statement. Upon arriving to the modern and newly built Hyatt Regency in downtown Seattle, we felt welcomed immediately. The atmosphere was blaring with tech development as hordes of Microsoft individuals were everywhere due to another ongoing conference.

(Top Left) Neo Main Hall (Top Right) DevCon Entrance Set Up (Bottom) Early Flight across the United States

DAY 1 — Meet & Greet

Excitement, anticipation and curiosity loomed throughout the brand-new venue location chosen by NEO. In the morning hours of Day 1, the great supporting projects in the NEO ecosystem all introduced and engaged each other as we established our booth and demo areas. Bridge was on display, right in between NASH and Rubix Exchange. We observed some team members from Bittrex Exchange, Alchemint and our new friends at O3 Labs.

(Left Top) Stephen & Alex with Fabio Canesin of Nash (Left Middle) Andrew, Matthew, and Jesse discussing Bridge with event participants (Left Bottom) Crypto Beadles Interview with Stephen and Alex (Right) CTO and CEO walking to a 4th interview

DAY 2 — Announcements and Keynote!

The day began with tons of Seattle’s most infamous coffee-maker, Starbucks. Many visitors to the booth display expressed their viewpoints in how we differ, operate and sell identity services. Most importantly we had a keynote presentation which unveiled something truly special to our team that we have had to keep secret; Project Aver! The media team on site was outstanding with assisting our team with the presentation launch; which we do greatly appreciate. We also received a nice visit from Neo’s newest asset, John deVadoss, who will be leading NGD’s brand new Seattle office. Good luck John! Before entering the stage, our newest video was broadcasted for the community to absorb which drew massive excitement. Real life, real issues and Bridge being the real solution; the future of digital identity. Stephen and Alex entered the stage and delivered a strong keynote presentation explaining our market changing cost reductions for businesses, the ever disrupting regulatory landscape, and more.

The open launch includes updates which now allow extension usage of the Bridge Passport in Brave, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and any other Chromium-based web browsers available.

Included with this update is the new network explorer and available integration samples and documentation. More excitingly, the announcement followed that Bridge Protocol will now become available for Open Source use. The Bridge SDK, browser extension, partner integration modules and containers will be available for the community to use for any need of a verification claim service. Whether this service is our specialty, Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML), or for example the need to simply verify the authenticity of a high school diploma, the tool will be available for those developers to cater to their project’s needs. This will now allow more uses of the Bridge utility token to be facilitated as the method of payment to process all claims types via the Bridge extension.

(Top Left) Alex & Nick Fujita of O3 Labs (Middle Left) Andrew, Matthew, Jesse & Alex at the Bridge booth (Bottom Left) Justin fielding questions about Bridge (Right) Stephen and John deVadoss discussing Bridge and project AVER

Aver comes complete with the largest dataset on the market and most comprehensive watchlists for healthcare, finance and medical fields. Compliance checks also include terrorism, sex offender registries and sanctions lists just to name a few. Aver will substantially lower costs and increase its accuracy as it learns overtime. With this capability, Aver develops a faster response time for these checks to be verified, offering customers a premier KYC/AML verification service available on the market for 2019!

Ultimately this project is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to compliment the Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) we provide to the blockchain community. Aver will fundamentally give an excellent utility to bridge offering the full service of KYC and transitioning of businesses to use the tool (Bridge Passport) for their needs therefore encouraging the use of enterprise solutions on the blockchain. Aver will compliment the Bridge Protocol Network. It will encourage enterprise adoption through lower cost identity services and value-added with a blockchain compliment extension.

In the aim of offering a truly decentralized service on the blockchain, we will launch the new smart contract with 60% less team tokens than the current supply which is now 500m TOLL. Bridge will possess roughly ~220m tokens and the community will have ~240m tokens, the majority, which gives that stake of decentralization.

The transition to a new NEP8 token is beneficial for various reasons, such as the necessity of increased security and the dynamic invoke function of the token. Keeping BRDG in accordance with the newest approved standards on the NEO blockchain. As we get closer to the action of this event, our team will distribute a dedicated article informing the community of the exact transition, timeframe of the snapshot, trading halt on exchanges and other pertinent information.

Bridge Team Members Left to Right: Justin, Jesse, Alex, Stephen, Andrew, Matthew

The Future of Digital Identity

We thank the community for your overwhelming support throughout this past year of development. Updates about Project Aver will be provided along the journey. Our team is looking forward to having technical discussions on the Bridge GitHub once the open launch begins by the end of Q1 2019. Bridge is the future of digital identity with a team that is capable to become the premier identity service provider on the blockchain!

Bridge Protocol NeoDevCon Intro Video







Bridge Protocol s a RegTech company specializing in identity services and compliance for KYC/AML and more on the blockchain

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Bridge Protocol

Bridge Protocol s a RegTech company specializing in identity services and compliance for KYC/AML and more on the blockchain