New Identity Verification Provider Joins the Bridge Marketplace

Bridge Protocol
Jul 12 · 2 min read

Layer by layer the Bridge Network continues to grow; offering consumers and institutions a secure, immutable and trusted place to conduct their critical business processes.

In order for the Bridge Network to grow, providers must compete to deliver the fastest and most accurate results. The Bridge Marketplace is where identity requests can be quickly matched with the best providers.

Bridge Protocol is pleased to offer its newest KYC / AML digital identity verification provider; Aver Digital Identity Solutions.

Aver is a digital identity and document verification service, utilizing augmented and artificial intelligence to provide a high-level of assurance in financial, vice and employment related sectors.

Utilizing extensive watchlists and criminal databases from around the world, Aver is able to deliver a level of enhanced due diligence; nearly instantly.

Users and institutions looking for a low-development cost identity solution can select Aver as their preferred verification partner. Payment can be rendered in BRDG to provide a seamless solution for blockchain digital identity.

Visit GoAver to learn more.

Contact Bridge Protocol for integration assistance.

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Bridge Protocol

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Bridge Protocol s a RegTech company specializing in identity services and compliance for KYC/AML and more on the blockchain

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