Getting Over Taxis
Tim O'Reilly

I totally agree with you. I used di Uber extensively during my last stay in Boston and, besides the impeccabile service and cleanliness of the cars, all Uber drivers we talked to loved their gig. Some DID IT as an addition to an existing job, some were students, some did it as their primary job. One guy used to be a dishwasher, now he was very happy to be a Uber driver. Could have he become a taxi driver so easily? I bet: no way. The investment it requires to be a taxi driver in a big city is ridiculous and senseless since Uber, Lyft have proven it doesn’t take an astronaut to drive people, without major issues, from point a to point b. I know plenty of regular to dumb people including myself who do it daily, for free, with friends, relatives, friends of friends, etc. and we are all still alive.

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