UWP Desktop Apps

MVVM Patterns for LoB Applications

As the Universal Windows Platform API surface grows, it is becoming apparent that this framework can be used successfully for Line of Business applications. This series considers the issues associated with developing these applications and proposes a structured approach to ensure a successful application.


UWP applications, certainly the C# variety, comprise a XAML based presentation layer and then some form of logic layer implemented in the language of your choice which would typically connect to some kind of back-end service. Unless the application is either trivial, or has very specialised user-experience requirements, it is likely that there is a need from a structured implementation pattern to help designers and developers to work alongside each other and to allow the application to grow in some kind of organic fashion.

This is where the Model — View — View Model pattern is directly relevant.

Application Components

But to make this work, there’s a large number of moving parts that need to be considered. For solving a number of the known problems, it is well worth looking at some of the frameworks.