Railroad Avenue is Not Worth your Time and Money

I first visited Railroad Avenue last night, and I cannot wait any longer to give this frank, honest review about my experience. It was the absolute worst. I am a young woman attending University in Bellingham Wa. I am used to poor service, and guys being jerks, but I am astonished at how I was treated, and that is only the tip of the iceberg.

The night began with my roommates and I heading downtown to have a little fun. We took the bus to Bellingham Station and walked to Casa Que Pasa, a burrito place. I was thoroughly unimpressed. There were no servers, only a cashier. My burrito was ridiculously big (I guess most people like that), so I went to get a fork. The first fork I grabbed was dirty, as were the water glasses. Gross!!! I only ate half of my burrito because it was a little greasy, and I didn’t pack any tums with me. By the time we walked out, I could already feel the indigestion.

In an effort to lift my mood, one of my roommates suggested we find a bar to have a couple drinks and maybe dance a little. I love dancing, and having a drink to loosen up sounded like a good idea. We went to The Local Public House. Now, this is a tapas bar, and it is the last place I would expect to get relentlessly hit on. Unfortunately, there was a drunk fifty-year old who would not stop trying to talk to me! At first I tried to be nice, and then I said no ”thankyou sir”, and then he grabbed my butt and I splashed my wine is his face. The bar tender saw this, and instead of asking what had happened, he immediately yelled at me. After that, my friends and I left.

In an effort to comfort ourselves after a less than successful night out, we decided to get some ice-cream. Mallard’s Ice-cream is delicious and cute, I am not bashing this place. However, they are cash only. So, I took my debit card out and got cash. Everything was fine, and we all enjoyed our icecream. By this time it was getting late. We bussed back to the dorm. I got home and checked my wallet to make sure I still had everything….I couldn’t find my debit card. I knew I must have left it on Mallard’s counter. I called and they couldn’t find it. The next day I got a call saying someone was using my card, and I better cancel it. I did so right away, of course, but a part of me just knew I left it on that counter. It was most likely one of their employees that stole my card, I just know it! That is terrible service. I cannot stand dishonest people.

I know that some people gush and rave about Railroad Avenue, but in my opinion, it really isn’t that great. For me, it was way more trouble than it was worth. Granted, it might just have bad night life. Maybe it is a nice place to go during the day. Who knows? Another point I would like to make is that all there seems to be on that street is food. I am really into fitness. Wasting money on less than nutritious food is not a priority, and I do not recommend that sort of lifestyle. I really don’t care to go back there and spend my hard earned money on a mediocre experience.


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