Home buying tips by Bridget Gorski

This post is going to help those ones who are planning to buy new homes. In this post, Bridget Gorski is shared the home buying tips & tricks.

Here is the list of the same:

  • Consider If Buying a Home Is Right for You
  • Compare Renting vs. Buying
  • Contemplate Reasons to Buy
  • Should You Buy a Home Before Getting Married?
  • Find a Buyer’s Agent to Help You
  • Get Your Finances in Order
  • Look at Homes for Sale
  • Make an Intelligent and Informed Offer
  • Negotiate Counter Offers
  • Make an Earnest Money Deposit
  • Open Escrow/Order Title Commitment or Prelim
  • Obtain an Appraisal
  • Comply With Lender Requirements
  • Acknowledge Receipt of Seller Disclosures
  • Order Homeowner’s Insurance Policy
  • Conduct Inspections
  • Consider a Request for Repair
  • Remove Contingencies
  • Do Final Walk-Through
  • Sign Loan and Escrow Documents
  • Deposit Balance of Funds
  • Close Escrow

Visit https://bridgetgorski.wordpress.com/2017/06/21/top-home-buying-tips-tricks-and-techniques-by-bridget-gorski for the complete post.

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