Of course you have equity.
AJ Butler

Good god almighty. Listen to yourself. You think equity is my sex appeal? WTF do you think I am? Do you think you’re talking to a whore?

I frigging worked my ass off and I didn’t do it because I was looking for some jackhole like you to support me and failed. I slept with better men than you because I wanted to and when I didn’t want to, I didn’t sleep with them. I let them take me to dinner and then I took them to dinner because I wanted a relationship with a grown up and not some baby in a suit. I went out with guys who made more than I did and guys who made less. Because again I was looking for a grownup and somebody with a sense of humor and somebody who made the world light up. None of that is dependent on a man’s salary.

I didn’t marry because it didn’t work out but I sure as hell wasn’t going to settle for something second rate just to say I was married.

You wonder why women look at you and only see a paycheck? Honey, that’s all you’re offering at this moment. You were NOT invisible before you became a lawyer. You are NOT going to be invisible if you stop being a lawyer. If you think every woman is only looking for someone to support her, you are never going to find a grown up because you’re not looking for one.

What blows my mind more than anything else is the idea that a grown woman would be attracted to a man who needs to save her. That shit gets old fast. If that’s what’s attracting you to women, you really need to talk to someone about relationships. Someone professional. Because if you truly believe that you are going to attract every conwoman in the country.

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